Do you ever have those few strides that are so perfect, they keep you going?

Moments are time that stands still in perfection.


Harmony.  It’s what we all want.


Every horse is different.  Every rider is different.  But what remains the same is the rider must learn how to ride and when they do, every horse responds.

How does a good dancer get to be a better dancer?  The same way a good rider becomes a better rider.   Learn the basics at a more advanced level.


You have to know when to hold on and when to let go.   You also have to know what to hold onto and what to let go of!

How?  Many teachers instruct students on what to do.  Only the best teachers can explain how to do what they are asking the student to do.


Pleasure riding, trail riding, show riding….all require the same thing.  That the rider learns to carry themselves in a way that makes the horse want you on their back.


"Pilates for Dressage trains riders to use their body to achieve harmony with their horses. Turning rides into moments."

Janice Dulak

Dressage Clinics in the Cloud

Clinics in the Cloud

In depth online courses, designed to make a real difference in your riding and your body. Study anywhere, at your own pace, with full support from Janice.

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Book & DVDs

Time and Budget can be limited. Start making a  difference for you and your horse with a small investement towards your riding goals. Check out our great self-study materials.

Pilates for Dressage Clinic

Clinics in Person

Hands-on education with Janice is a unique experience and gives invaluable insight into the Pilates for Dressage Method. Matt classes, clinics with your horse or individual coaching available.

Pilates on Horseback

Are you ready to improve your riding?
Pilates for Dressage teaches you control over your body to find
harmony with your horse. Let Janice guide you all the way to success.



Janice's knowledge of the rider's body and how it affects the horse's body is profound and when she showed me what "collection" and "engagement" felt like in my own body I was astounded.  As a teacher she is funny, engaging, knowledgeable and effective.

Linda Parelli


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