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Our first audio series is LIVE!

RIDERMANSHIP ® ROOKIE brings Janice to your phone and into your ear for three exciting and game-changing Pilates for Dressage® lessons.
Learn the fundamentals of Ridermanship® with this low-cost, low-risk intro session and find out what Pilates for Dressage® can do for you and your horse!


The 3 steps to Improve your Seat with Ridermanship® Rookie.


With our 3 audio lessons, you will :

  • Improve Your Seat and Position.

  • Learn How Your Body Affects Your Horse.

  • Improve Your Riding and Relationship With Your Horse.

What others have to say about Ridermanship® Rookie:

"It helps identify body parts that a person might not even know they had or thought about for years! The explorations are a great introduction to see how what we do in our bodies the horse will follow."

Jan H.

"Doing the lessons wasn't just great for me, I felt my horse did enjoy it too. He was striding out nicely, looked very relaxed and seemed to be happy I was for once focusing on myself instead of him.

Nicole M.

"I really liked the first  lesson as a pre-pilates for dressage lesson, because you don't need to know the info from pilates for dressage to do the lesson. You can even do it at home, off your horse."

Suzette B.

"I had not realized how much my neck & shoulders were contributing to my overall stiffness when I ride. I felt so much relief and a nice tingling when I did the upper body stretches."

Cindy K.

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