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The Final Season Two Episode!



Ride With Janice Podcast Episode - Drive With Janice


Welcome to another episode of RIDE WITH JANICE. A free dressage focussed equestrian podcast by Master Pilates Instructor and Dressage Rider, Janice Dulak.

Janice wraps up her Season 2 with an OFF THE HORSE / ON THE PORCH discussion about self-care as we launch into Winter [Northern Hemisphere] and maybe ride less due to the holidays and family commitments.

Looking after your horse by looking after your body is just so important!

Use Pilates as a way to substitute the body workout that you might have when you are riding more. Go back over our past episodes and use them as warm-ups and training opportunities.

Question - Does anyone have something to add to Season 3? If you have specific questions or thoughts on what you would like to know more about you can email us

As an example, maybe it is about one of the podcasts you've listened to and had a question about, or if you have something exciting you're working on and like Janice to help you get there!

If you have loved RIDE WITH JANICE, Ridermanship® would be the ultimate for your body and therefore your riding and your horse.

Janice explains more about the 6-month online course you can take in early 2023 that makes a commitment to your strength and riding.

We are working on adding a few additional learning opportunities to the video, zoom, and learning resources that already exist, along with access to our Facebook Group for Ridermanship® Students and Alumni.

There you can get access to Janice's advice ANYTIME! Plus connect with other like-minded riders.

It can take TIME to see change. There are no quick fixes when it comes to our bodies. Yes, you have to do the work. But boy is it worth it!

To read more about Ridermanship® sign up for our email list and visit the page HERE.

To get started on something RIGHT NOW, we have our audio series Ridermanship® Rookie.

An audio coaching series that will introduce you to the concepts you explore further in Ridermanship®. It is 3 easy to do lessons and right now you can access it at a sale price of just $99.95


A bit about Janice Dulak :

Janice Dulak is a former professional dancer, a Romana’s Pilates Master Instructor Trainer and a USDF Bronze medalist. Her path from dancer to dressage rider, combined with her clear and concise distillation of the Pilates Method, creates Pilates for Dressage®, the original rider transformation program.

Janice is passionate about helping riders achieve their riding goals. As a dancer trying to learn to ride dressage, Janice noticed that there was a language barrier between the instructor and rider. For example, if an instructor were to say “use your leg” to a dancer, that could actually mean anything. Janice has created a vocabulary for both instructor and rider that is meaningful and teaches riders how to do what the instructor is asking.

Janice has many resources for the dressage rider in addition to her online course Ridermanship®, she also has audio coaching programs, this podcast, DVD's and books. Find it all on her website -

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