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The Canter



Ride With Janice Podcast Episode - Drive With Janice


This episode of RIDE WITH JANICE covers THE CANTER.

You might struggle with this stride. It can be big, bold and bouncy!

Join Janice on the ground first to practise a few moves, then we pause, go and grab our horse and prepare them for a canter [saddle up, mount up, warm up].

We begin working further on the concept 'Ride With Janice' has touched on before, The Swing, and the introduction of a new term - capital D... It will all make sense we promise! haha.

A student of Janice's, Molly, is also on hand during this episode to offer Janice some visual observations - A great idea for every rider! A feedback friend.

Molly will feature in our October newsletter so be sure to have joined our mailing list. It is filled with free tips, new product information, discounts and event information. CLICK HERE to sign up!

***A great tip - Video yourself before and after this podcast episode in the canter to know if you have discovered an improvement!


For more podcast episodes ON or OFF your horse, explore our currently free back catalogue of RIDE WITH JANICE. Be sure to FOLLOW us via your podcast provider, and never miss an episode. *** RIDE WITH JANICE is by Janice Dulak - MASTER Pilates Instructor. The Instructor Instructors train with.

Her program Pilates For Dressage® is known throughout the dressage community.

Her podcast, RIDE WITH JANICE is now into its 2nd Season and creating a community of dressage riders who are looking to do the best thing with their bodies and their horses.

Her intensive 6-month Ridermanship® Rider Transformation Progam has become an online 'go-to' for riders and equestrians who are looking to improve their strength, flexibility, rider aids and communication with their horses.

Ridermanship® Modules include: ​

  • Posture Improvement

  • Independent Seat and Legs

  • Seat Development

  • Rider Influence

  • Rider Development

The next intake is in Early 2023

We also have Ridermanship® Rookie - a 3 part audio series that has been released to help people during our podcast downtime.

At just $50 per episode or all 3 for $125, this is cheaper than a few riding lessons!

We will be having a special giveaway to win access to Ridermanship® Rookie, so we suggest you follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn when and how!


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