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Interview With Pete Rodda




Join Janice Dulak and Pete Rodda [Natural Horsemanship Style Trainer from Ocala Florida] as they discuss how horses think and how to start 'putting our fires' with them! Both Janice and Pete share a passion for learning, understanding and teaching the WHY not just the HOW when it comes to horses and riding. Pete has a unique training program called 'Walk The Line' or 'The 10 Blocks' that helps riders to learn how to work through the common issues we have with our horses like maintaining space, being a good leader, and also to be a considerate teacher. This 30-minute chat has many learning moments so be sure to grab a notebook and pen! Find Pete on Facebook for more. : CLICK HERE ABOUT PETE : At a young age Pete was fascinated with animal training and behavior. While in college, he pursued an animal science degree where he discovered an aptitude for getting along with horses that no one else could handle. His innate abilities allowed him to build rapport with the horses that he worked with. Pete continued his education by learning from and dedicating his time to some of the top horsemen in the US. Pete has now been teaching and training professionally across the country for over 15 years and has created his own training program called Complementary Horsemanship. Pete’s style of training is based on psychology and understanding how horses communicate. He enjoys showing his students how the groundwork they do directly relates to the work they do in the saddle. Pete has developed a sequence of exercises called Walk the Line that will increase relaxation, connection, confidence and communication in both horse and human. Along with Walk the Line, Pete uses his fun and imaginative personality to enable his students to better understand the nature of the horse. Don't forget to leave your review of our podcast, or if you have a question, email us at

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Janice Dulak is known internationally for her work in melding Professional Dancing, Pilates, and Riding into a program to enhance your strength, body awareness, and influence on your horse. The author of Pilates For Dressage® and the creator of Ridermanship® Clinic in the Cloud study program, this podcast is your FREE access to Janice...

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