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Interview With Linda Parelli



Ride With Janice Podcast Episode - Drive With Janice


Welcome to another episode of RIDE WITH JANICE. A free dressage focussed equestrian podcast by Master Pilates Instructor and Dressage Rider, Janice Dulak.

Today we are talking with Linda Parelli. Linda is known globally as an incredible horse trainer, rider, author and creator of Happy Horse Happy Life, a training program where you can "Inspire Your Horse and Yourself!"

Janice and Linda have been friends and colleagues for many years.

Join them as they talk about Fear, Leadership, Horse and Human Psychology and how to stay motivated and empowered with horses.

A not-to-miss episode.

No horse is required for this one!

Just sit back and enjoy.


A bit about Linda Parelli :

Linda Parelli is co-founder of Happy Horse Happy Life, Parelli Natural Horsemanship and Pegasus Personal Growth, a dynamic public speaker, and the author of numerous articles, books, courses, DVDs, self-development and equestrian programs including her new Happy Horse training program, How to Talk Horse.

She is considered the leading female expert on horse psychology-based training and mindful riding, empowering her students to be better leaders, riders and communicators with her unique approach to teaching.

A bit about Janice Dulak :

Janice Dulak is a former professional dancer, a Romana’s Pilates Master Instructor Trainer and a USDF Bronze medalist. Her path from dancer to dressage rider, combined with her clear and concise distillation of the Pilates Method, creates Pilates for Dressage®, the original rider transformation program.

Janice is passionate about helping riders achieve their riding goals. As a dancer trying to learn to ride dressage, Janice noticed that there was a language barrier between the instructor and rider. For example, if an instructor were to say “use your leg” to a dancer, that could actually mean anything. Janice has created a vocabulary for both instructor and rider that is meaningful and teaches riders how to do what the instructor is asking.

Janice has many resources for the dressage rider in addition to her online course Ridermanship®, she also has audio coaching programs, this podcast, DVD's and books. Find it all on her website -


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