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Drive With Janice

Updated: Sep 22, 2022



Ride With Janice Podcast Episode - Drive With Janice


This episode of RIDE WITH JANICE can be renamed DRIVE WITH JANICE, as we aren't riding today, we are doing 'Carlates'... Pilates In The Car. haha.

Just because you can't ride, it doesn't mean you can't work on releasing tension in your body and work on those muscles.

Join Janice [on her trip home from the hairdresser] as she works on her shoulders, core and other muscles and body parts IN THE CAR!

All horse riders need to think about working on their seat, and you can do that on your daily commute! You might even consider listening to this at your desk while you are at work... Anywhere you are stuck in your seat will be the perfect place. On a plane, At the Kitchen Table, On The Bus,

Wherever! Just remember some people may look at you a little strangely. haha.

Remember - Always be safe while you drive and listen. You need to be very conscious of your surroundings.

Turn the Key, Buckle up and Hit Play!


For more podcast episodes ON or OFF your horse, explore our currently free back catalogue of RIDE WITH JANICE.

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Ride with Janice is by Janice Dulak - MASTER Pilates Instructor. The Instructor the Instructors train with.

Her program Pilates For Dressage® is known throughout the dressage community.

The intensive 6-month Ridermanship® Online Rider Transformation Progam has become a 'go-to' for riders and equestrians who are looking to improve their strength, flexibility, rider aids and communication with their horses. Ridermanship® Modules include:

  • Posture Improvement

  • Independent Seat and Legs

  • Seat Development

  • Rider Influence

  • Rider Development

The next intake is in Early 2023 and we urge anyone interested to sign up for our email list and watch Janice explain her program HERE

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