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In Ridermanship® you'll learn to create self-carriage in your body, and practice correct biomechanics to ride your horse with greater feel and harmony. Lessons and exercises will train you how to develop your physical self, so you will know what you need to do in your body to help your horse perform—and the partnership with your horse will be complete. Connect live online with Janice twice a month to guide you on your Ridermanship® journey.

Clinics in the Cloud: Ridermanship® is now a USDF University accredited program!

De-mystify riding dressage...learn how the pros do it!

Complete your partnership by improving your
riding skills

Learn self-carriage

and how to give invisible aids

How can RIDERMANSHIP® benefit you?


RIDERMANSHIP® will help you...


  • Effectively change your posture for more ease of movement in your daily life and while you ride

  • Learn to master correct riding biomechanics

  • Learn how to sit the trot!  And follow your horse's movement in all gaits with more harmony

  • Learn how to give invisible aids

  • Demystify having a horse off your seat

  • Make your horse happy!

Pilates for Dressage®

Your horse will love you for it.

Pilates  for  Dressage®

Your horse will  love you for it!