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is a 6 month program, accessable online anywhere and anytime. It will empower your skills as a rider and change the way you communicate
with your horse. Combine a flexible self study curriculum with live calls to get support from Janice and your fellow students.

Ridermanship® will help your...


Change your POSTURE for more ease of motion in your daily life and while you ride.

Janice Dulak teaching posture

Master correct riding biomechanics and follow your horse's movements in all gaits with HARMONY

Rider Biomechanics in excellence
Happy Horse

Learn how to give INVISIBLE aids and make your Horse HAPPY

Happy Horse through Ridermanship training

Ridermanship® Modules include:

  • Posture Improvement

  • Independant Seat and Legs

  • Seat Development

  • Rider Influence

  • Rider Development

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Janice Dulak riding
Happy Horse through Ridermanship Training
Effective Coaching
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