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Transform your Riding Seat

This intensive 6-month Ridermanship® Rider Transformation Progam has become an online 'go-to' for Dressage Riders and Equestrians who are looking to improve their strength, flexibility, rider aids and communication with their horses.



Ridermanship® Modules include:

  • Posture Improvement

  • Independant Seat and Legs

  • Seat Development

  • Rider Influence

  • Rider Development

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Change your POSTURE for more ease of motion in your daily life and while you ride.



Master correct riding biomechanics and follow your horse's movements in all gaits with HARMONY.



Learn how to give INVISIBLE aids and make your Horse HAPPY.


Stretch &


The changes you'll experience to your FITNESS, your riding, your body and your horse will be undeniable.

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Mollie R.

Janice teaches from the heart and her gift to the horse world is her ability to educate riders’ bodies to incite dramatic positive change in their partnerships with their horses.


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Courtney C.

Ridermanship® has helped me improve my seat, soften my back, elongate my psoas, relax my hips and soften my hands. My horse always feels the changes immediately. He gets lighter on his feet, has loftier gaits, and enjoys our time in the arena.

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Angie M.

The biomechanics discussions are more accurate and to the point than a standard equitation lesson, and are generally geared towards female anatomy. Having been frustrated by vague and contradictory instructions on body position over the years, it is a relief to have such clear instruction from Janice.

You are ready to start becoming a better rider, but can't go all the way to Ridermanship® yet?
Check out the new ROOKIE audio course!


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Janice is a motivating riding instructor
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