From studio to saddle, Pilates for Dressage® is a proven rider training program that improves self-carriage in riders
from Intro Level to Grand Prix.    


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My riding has absolutely improved because of Janice Dulak's Ridermanship course. My horse is happier that I am a better partner. I am so much more aware of my posture and position as I ride AND which muscles I need to engage or relax to bring my horse into harmony with me. All the modules built on one another so beautifully. As I absorbed the information and worked the exercises my physicality changed and so did my ability to ride more effectively! And – my lower back and hips feel much better!

– Gina Walls

Pilates  for  Dressage®

Your horse will  love you for it!
Self Carriage

Learn how to have self carriage in your body.