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Tense & Release

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Balance out your energy with this fun 'on your horse' exercise... What does your horse think about you when you 'tense and release'?

In this episode [pod-class], Janice explains how 'energy' can alter the results of things while riding.

Working out how our muscles work, and how much tone/tension we need to have, whilst on the flip side, how much relaxation we need, is a big help to our horse.

Confused? That's normal! Ride along with Janice and it will all make sense.

Your horse may tell you some interesting things while you play with tightening your body and releasing it.

What is their reaction?

How does that alter the way you will ride in the future?


Janice Dulak is known internationally for her work in melding Professional Dancing, Pilates, and Riding into a program to enhance your strength, body awareness, and influence on your horse. The author of Pilates For Dressage® and the creator of Ridermanship® Clinic in the Cloud study program, this podcast is your FREE access to Janice...

[Be sure to listen out for the launch of Ridermanship® Rookie... A new audio series to help launch you into the more intensive program.]

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