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The Core

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Do you ride thinking about your 'Core'?

It is time to start.

In fact, Janice doesn't even like the term 'using our core'. She prefers 'Stabilizing Our Spine'.

In this podcast episode, you will explore an interesting exercise to use your abdominals pre-mounting in your warm-up, or even how to play with it while riding.

Soften and support your spine, just like your horse has to do to 'come through'...

Not sure what that term means? Janice will explain all.

Grab your horse and begin a fascinating episode about the CORE, and how best to use it. You will also hear the science behind it, how your horse has to use their abdominals, and how to influence your horse's speed by our use of ours.

Last-minute reminder - RIDERMANSHIP kicks off October 15.


Janice Dulak is known internationally for her work in melding Professional Dancing, Pilates and Riding into a program to enhance your strength, body awareness and influence on your horse. The author of Pilates For Dressage® and the creator of Ridermanship® Clinic in the Cloud study program, this podcast is your FREE access to Janice...

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