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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Many equestrians are riding around, totally unaware of the importance of their feet. We've all heard "heels down", but there is simply more to it than that.

Feet are pretty darn important in this whole 'riding' caper.

So many things to troubleshoot!

For example:

  • Do you lose your stirrups all the time? It might be tight hips!

  • Do you know how to keep your feet in the best position?

  • Do you know how much pressure to have in your stirrups?

  • Do you understand what your feet do to the rest of your body?

Check out this episode of RIDE WITH JANICE to learn more about how your feet could be causing you some annoying issues in the saddle and how we can fix it.

Got questions?

We'd love to answer them for you.

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Janice Dulak is known internationally for her work in melding Professional Dancing, Pilates and Riding into a program to enhance your strength, body awareness and influence on your horse. The author of Pilates For Dressage® and the creator of Ridermanship® Clinic in the Cloud study program, this podcast is your FREE access to Janice...

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