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Janice's second DVD, with a whole new series of exercises for the rider! Janice shows you the 9 essential body "parts" that are the key to "speaking" to your horse with sophistication and eloquence. By using the "Magic Circle" exercise ring in a series of exercises, riders get a workout that trains these specific parts in ways that instantly apply to your riding. For Intro and Training Level dressage.


Watch Janice talk about what you can achieve with this DVD HERE.

Nine Pilates Essentials DVD

  • From Sarah B. to Linda P. on Facebook: "Just popping by to say thank you. I recently asked you about fluidity (again) and you recommended '9 Essentials.' The DVD and magic circle arrived today so I decided to try them out. It's a brilliant gentle workout with such good feedback and the explanations are very helpful. It's already given me a huge insight to where my riding can really improve. Thank you for taking the time to read, reply and give such brilliant advice." To which Linda P. replied: "Awesome! Janice's work is fantastic. I've learned a LOT from her over the years. :)"

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