What people are saying about Pilates for Dressage®

About Janice's DressgeTrainingOnLine.com lesson:


"I have watched those video segments MANY times. I love the on-the-horse applications part. Janice, I think your Pilates emphasis is ahead of everyone else's methods. I watch the other trainers and they are saying about the same thing but they just seem to be missing the right words. PILATES is the vocabulary they need to be using and you do it so well."  -Barbara

About Janice's Teaching:


"Thanks Janice, a real treat to have one-on-one sessions with you. I found it a real eye-opener to discover the tension I was holding in my body, and how to release it through the connecting of my body and the stretching. Amazing how small of an adjustment it took, for such dramatic results. Translating to the riding, I was able to carry and support myself in a more relaxed, connected and efficient way. This of course made it a lot easier for Mr Willis to do his job." - Isabella

About Jeanne:

"With Jeanne's masterful instruction, I've been able to properly activate my abdominals and strengthen my core, making my posture the absolute best it has ever been."  -S.C.

 About Karen:


"What I mostly felt was a release of tension I usually hold in my legs and feet. The softened, but engaged feel of the thighs and glutes (like 'pin the tail on donkey' to free up the leg) molded my bottom onto the saddle and I could move with the canter - better. Just this alone made me feel more secure on the horse because I did not feel like I was bouncing up and down and my spinal position was in a natural curve and not leaning too far forward." - Elizabeth

Pilates  for  Dressage®

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