COVID-19 – What We are Doing

April is here and usually I am back in the swing of things in Illinois, but as we all know, there is no normal now. The world as we have known it has changed. Everyone is scared, emotions are running high, there is a feeling of helplessness and it is certainly unsettling. My heart is heavy for all of those affected by this. It is with this heavy heart that I am trying to navigate my way to continue helping horses and riders.


I think we all need to find something positive to focus on, to learn and feel hope.

Special Shelter in Place Opportunity


Because of the shelter in place orders around the world, I would like to offer you the opportunity to learn at home while we are waiting for the pandemic to subside. I will be launching Ridermanship®, a virtual classroom where you have access 24/7 to learning Pilates and Pilates for Dressage®. The course is usually a commitment of 6 months and $1500 and would not launch until September. But the time is now, and I know many people can't make that commitment.


So here is my special offer. Sign up for 2 months of Ridermanship® for just $300. Learn how to do Pilates correctly through lectures, movement explorations and detailed "how to" videos. Then meet with me in a live call every two weeks to get your questions answered. Just these two months will rock your world with learning the what, how and why these exercises will change your body. Then, if you are so inclined and want to know how all of this comes together to make you a better rider, you can sign up for the next 4 months for just $200 a month.


To register, either:

1) Register on our website

2) send me $300 through Pay Pal friends and family, or

3) send me a check by contacting me through this website for address details.


I send my best to you. I hope we can all find something positive for ourselves during these times, whether it's working on this with me, or something else that helps you.


Please stay safe and healthy, my friends.




Pilates  for  Dressage®

Your horse will  love you for it!