Clinics and Workshop Information

To learn how to ride better, Pilates for Dressage® offers clinics and workshops, as well as specified training in Pilates studios around the country and overseas with Pilates for Dressage® Certified Associate Instructors.


Janice teaches Pilates for Dressage® Clinics.  

Offered in 2- day clinics or 5-day camps, Pilates for Dressage® Clinics are educational and fun, and elicit immediate changes in the riders. Janice's clinics have been sponsored by numerous GMOs and are often funded by The Dressage Foundation.
Clinics begin with a Powerpoint Lecture on Pilates for Dressage®, usually presented on a Friday evening. On Saturday morning, riders engage in a two-hour Pilates for Dressage® Mat Class that teaches the riders how to find the correct core and intrinsic muscles that allow for relaxation in the global muscles. After lunch, riders in groups of two or three, mount up and learn how to put the studio work into the saddle. Sunday, riders reinforce what they've learned in another two-hour mat class. The weekend finishes with mounted lessons, as riders are newly secure in their newfound ways to use their body to create harmony with their horse.

Workshops and Lessons

Pilates for Dressage® Certified Associate Instructors are available to teach Pilates for Dressage® Workshops.  

A workshop is a day-long event and includes a two-hour Pilates for Dressage® Mat class and individual posture evaluations while mounted. You will then learn how to follow the horses movement at the walk and trot, as well as learning how to halt, half halt and circle using your newly found Pilates muscles!
Pilates for Dressage® Certified Assistant Instructors are available to teach Pilates for Dressage® Lessons at their studios or at your barn.  After your Pilates for Dressage® lesson, Certified Assistant can accompany you to your barn and observe you riding and help you with your position and bio-mechanics of using the exercises you learn to help ride better!

Pilates for Dressage® Clinics have been hosted by:


Nebraska Dressage Association

Sunflower Farm, WI

Rudy Horsemanship, PA

New Mexico Dressage Association


Fox Run Farm, Columbia, MO


Long Meadow Farm, IL


Pilates First,  Louisville, KY


*Paso del Norte Dressage Association, El Paso, TX


*Taka Chi Dressage, CO


**Stoneleigh Park, England


Dark Horse Equestrian Center, NC


Reform Pilates, Saratoga Springs, NY


*California Dressage Society, Santa Ynez Chapter, CA


*Lincoln, NE


*Rocky Mountain Dressage Society, Longwood, CO


.*Diamond TR, Little Rock, AR


*Mid South Dressage Academy, MS


.**Parelli Campus, FL


*Nicole Chastain Dressage, Ventura, CA


Maryland Dressage Association, MD


Ariella Pilates Studio,Tuscon, AZ


California Dressage Society, East Bay Chapter, CA


Private clinic, Wellington. FL


Lehigh Valley Pilates, PA


*Oklahoma Dressage Society


Illinois Horse Fair, Springfield, IL


Star West Stables. New Berlin, IL


Magnificate Farm, Clinton Corners, NY

Kirk Studio in Bloomington, IN 


Pure Pilates. Kansas City, MO


St. Louis Dressage Society, MO


CDCTA Dressage Camp,MO


Illionis Horse Fair, Springfiled, IL


*taught with Sarah Martin

**taught with Linda Parelli

A video of Janice teaching a Pilates for Dressage®  lesson to Sarah Martin was released on the site

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