Janice Dulak

  • Dancer
  • Romana's Pilates Master Instructor
  • USDF Bronze Medalist
  • Creator of Pilates for Dressage®
  • Pilates for Dressage® Certification Program
  • Author

Janice Dulak is a former professional dancer, a Romana’s Pilates Master Instructor Trainer and a USDF Bronze medalist. Her path from dancer to dressage rider combined with her clear and concise distillation of the Pilates Method creates Pilates for Dressage®, the original rider training program.


Janice is passionate about helping riders achieve their riding goals. As a dancer trying to learn to ride dressage, Janice noticed that there was a language barrier between the instructor and rider. For example, if an instructor were to say “use your leg” to a dancer, that could actually mean anything. Janice has created a vocabulary for both instructor and rider that is meaningful, and teaches riders how to do what the instructor is asking.


After a receiving a dance degree from SUNY Brockport, Janice began a successful career as a dancer that led her to teach and perform around the world. She has performed with Susannah Newman, Jim Payton, Jeff Slayton, Lucas Hoving, Douglas Nielsen, Walter Nicks, Toronto Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre West and Margaret Jenkins.


Janice has taught dance classes and workshops in France, Spain and throughout the United States. She has taught master classes at numerous American College Dance Festivals, and at colleges and universities, and was a semester-long guest artist at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Within a hair's breadth of finishing her Master's degree in dance, Janice chose instead to take a teaching position in the Dance Program at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where she worked for 11 years. Within two years of joining the department, Janice served as the Dance Coordinator of the program and later served as the Chair of the Dance Department.

Pilates Master Instructor

Janice’s dancing career led her to Romana Kryzanowska in 1989, where she began her Pilates training in New York. She was certified to teach in 1993 and opened her first studio in Columbia, Missouri. At the request of Romana, she became a Master Instructor Trainer in 2001. Janice has presented at the yearly Romana’s Pilates Conventions since 2001, teaching seminars such as: Pilates for Dancers, Pilates for Athletes, Pilates-Creating long, strong muscles, Pilates for Riders, The Reverse C-Curve, and her most recent popular powerpoints “Clientology" and "The Ilio Psoas: A simple way to use Pilates to overcome this demanding muscle."


Based mostly in Illinois, she continues to teach at the Dulak Pilates Center, which she opened and owned from 2003 - 2016 in Champaign.  The studio reflects the Pilates lineage from Joseph, to Romana, to Janice herself. Janice also travels and teaches at Pilates studios around the world, continuing to help Pilates Instructors deepen the work.  Janice also has a Pilates studio at her Ruby Rose Farm in Ocala, FL where she teaches in the winter season.

USDF Bronze Medalist

As a dressage rider, Janice competed her thoroughbred mare, India, up to 2nd level. She and India won the Gold Medal at 1st level at the Show Me State Games in Missouri in 1998.  Since then, Janice has backed and trained India’s first foal, Rubaiyat, out of Routinier of the Rubenstein lines of the German Oldenburg Verband. She and Ruby worked on a monthly basis with David Blake and at his encouragement, rode and earned a score of 68.6% for the FEI 4 year old test in 2006 under the judging of Tom Poulin. Janice continues to train in dressage with Jochen Hippenstiel, Sarah Martin and Albert Gesierich. Also working on her own with her method of riding, in 2015, Janice earned her USDF Bronze medal and will be working toward her Silver in 2016/17. Janice is also training Rosie, India’s second foal, Ruby’s full sister. Sweet Rosevanna earned the GOV Premium award at her inspection.

Creator of Pilates for Dressage®

As a rider, Janice has been able to effectively transfer her knowledge of dance, Pilates and body control to her love of dressage. Her expertise led her to create Pilates for Dressage® through which she teaches riders around the around the globe the importance of a strong core and the energetic flow required to progress in the art of dressage. Her Pilates for Dressage® clinics and camps offer riders the opportunity to experience her expert instruction in person. While Janice would say she does not teach riding, she will state that she teaches people how to ride.


Janice’s clinics have been funded for USDF Dressage GMO’s by the Dressage Foundation, where feedback on her clinics have been off-the-charts positive. Her teachings around the globe have included travels to the United Kingdom to co-teach with Linda Parelli of The Parelli Method of Natural Horsemanship and yearly work with USDF Gold Medalist and Certified Instructor Sarah Martin in Blanca, Colorado, as well as in Ocala, Florida.

Pilates for Dressage® Certification Program

Janice’s work has been so effective and popular, she has created a Pilates for Dressage® Instructor Certification Program. This program is open to selectively certified Pilates instructors who are looking to better serve their rider clientele. Her first group of six trainees completed their Assistant and Associate Instruction in 2015 and includes Pilates teachers from New York, Boston, Arizona, Georgia and Iceland.


A stringent program, Janice only offers this program to those who are passionate and qualified.   Her Instructors, are required to take annual Continuing Education to keep their knowledge base expanding as to the needs of riders.  Associate Instructors who are required to ride, also continue to work with Janice on their Pilates for Dressage® riding skills.  


Janice is author of the book Pilates for the Dressage Rider, published by Half Halt Press in 2006. Trafalgar Square has since acquired Janice’s contracts and has also released Janice’s two companion DVDs, Pilates for the Dressage Rider and Pilates Nine Essentials for the Balanced Rider. Each of these have been successful in helping riders learn how to rider better by following Janice's rider training program.


The success of Janice's books and DVD's as well as her popular clinics in Pilates for Dressage® has earned her the reputation of an expert.  She has had invitations to contribute to the prestigious magazines such as Dressage Today, Pilates Style and USDF Connections. She has also contributed articles to the Parelli’s “Savvy Magazine.” For a complete list of Janice’s published works click here.



Janice’s work continues through instruction at Living Legacy Pilates in Champaign, Illinois, and at her Ruby Rose Farm in Reddick, Florida. From dance to Pilates to dressage, Janice has built her knowledge of living fully in the body, and she will continue to share that expertise with her students around the world!

Pilates  for  Dressage®

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